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Hundert Consulting:




My name is Agnieszka Hundert. I help automotive and other industry companies improve processes, implement standards and procedures as well as pass certifications successfully.

I offer training, consultations and implementations in the following areas:


Environment | Energy

Safety and healthy

Standards dictate what needs to be implemented. I provide guidance on how to achieve it.

I eliminate the weakest points and reinforce the strengths of your business.

I translate theoretical knowledge into practical examples specific to your industry.

I propose solutions perfectly tailored to the characteristics and capabilities of your company.

Spotkanie dostawców 

II rzędu w branży automotivE

Jesteś dostawcą II lub III rzędu w branży motoryzacyjnej

Jeśli obawiasz się, że spełnienie branżowych norm zarezerwowane jest dla największych firm z  dużymi strukturami i jeszcze większymi budżetami, przyjedź i przekonaj się, że jest inaczej.

Check if you need my support:

Is your company in the process of preparing for an audit, or have you recently completed one and need to address non-conformities? Have you onboarded new employees who require training? Would you like to enhance your company's reputation or secure contracts that will propel your business forward?

I collaborate with companies not only in the automotive industry but also across various sectors. My support extends to both large corporations and family-run enterprises, with the same level of dedication. If keeping up with the evolving requirements seems time-consuming, my collaboration can offer you valuable time-saving benefits.

Opinions about me:

  • With the requisite qualifications integral to her role, Ms. Hundert possesses the capacity to astutely assess situations, diagnose problems and proficiently resolve them through her exceptional interpersonal skills.
    Dariusz Andrzejczak
    Consiglio International
  • Mrs. Agnieszka Hundert demonstrated proficiency and experience, along with excellent communication skills.
    Barbara Sztyler
    Sierosławski Group
  • One of Ms. Hundert's remarkable strengths is her ability to swiftly comprehend the intricacies of our company's production
    Paweł Klich
    Augum Wiesław Klich Paweł Klich Spółka Jawna
  • The copious practical examples shared during the training sessions captivated and inspired each participant. Furthermore, attendees were given the opportunity to grasp the subject matter more comprehensively and to implement new proven methodologies within their respective domains.
    Elżbieta Gessner
    Euronyl Assembling