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Offer - environment | energy

offer - environment | energy

Closed training in a form dedicated to the customer

Training "ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System Requirements"

This training focuses on the requirements of ISO 14001:2015, providing participants with an understanding of fundamental environmental management concepts and delving into specific norm requirements. The lectures are delivered in a practical manner, incorporating workshops and numerous examples to effectively prepare participants for either implementing or enhancing their Environmental Management System within the organization. 

By attending this training, you will gain insight into environmental aspects and their potential impact on the environment. Throughout the course, I will offer practical guidance on meeting these requirements, defining legal mandates and exploring various initiatives that can positively influence the environment, therefore enhancing your organization's reputation. As societal expectations for sustainable development continue to rise, this training serves as a valuable resource to help you address some of these demands effectively

Training „ISO50001:2018 Energy Management System Requirements”

The training centers on ISO 50001:2018 requirements, enabling attendees to comprehend the basic energy management concepts and introducing the norm's requirements. Throughout the training, participants will acquire knowledge about the principles of conducting energy reviews and analyzing energy efficiency, as well as developing policies and documenting the Energy Management System. You will learn how meeting the ISO 50001 requirements can aid your organization in enhancing energy performance. 

The training involves practical lectures that incorporates various examples and workshops, aiding in the preparation for implementing or refining the Energy Management System within your organization. Upon training completion, you will be capable of designing your energy management system in a manner that optimizes energy consumption, reduces costs and contributes to the positive impact of your organization on the natural environment.

Training Courses „ISO14001:2015 Internal Auditor" and „ISO5001:2018 Internal Auditor"

These trainings are dedicated to current or aspiring internal auditors within an organization, aiming to provide a practical understanding of auditing principles according to ISO19011:2018. The lectures are largely based on discussing the requirements of ISO14001 and/or ISO5001, illustrated with examples of non-conformities. During the workshop sessions, participants engage in study groups to prepare for audits and subsequently define potential non-conformities based on analyzed case studies.

You will acquire skills in creating audit programs and plans (having understood the distinction between these two concepts in the first place). Collaboratively, we will formulate a list of audit questions and delve into using open-ended questions effectively. I will also demonstrate methods for avoiding conflict situations during audits and guide you through effective communication strategies.


Consultations and implementations

in the field of environmental and energy management systems according to ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 50001:2018 standards.

The goal is to prepare an organization for the implementation of Environmental and/or Energy Management Systems. I approach each client on an individual basis, striving to tailor the system to their specific needs, taking into account the scale and intricacy of the processes within the organization.

You can address the increasing demands of both customers and the society, concerning the reduction of environmental impact, by certifying your systems to align with the requirements of ISO14001:2015 and ISO50001:2018 standards. You can demonstrate your company's contribution to sustainable economic growth through the reduction of resource consumption, the gradual yet systematic elimination of hazardous and toxic substances and the limitation of pollution emissions and maintaining them at the lowest achievable levels.

I will assist you in determining the significant environmental aspects within your company and identifying those that have the most substantial impact on the environment. Collaboratively, we will devise an evaluation of legal compliance connected to your environmental aspects, alongside specified energy efficiency and energy consumption in your organization.


Internal Audits on Request

Upon your request, I conduct audits for ISO14001:2015 and ISO5001:2015. The audits are carried out both within your organization as part of your internal audit program, and also at your supplier's premises as a client audit - assessing the implementation of Environmental or Energy Management Systems. If your team does not include qualified auditors, you are very welcome to use my services. I hold lead auditor certifications, for both ISO14001:2015 and ISO5001:2018.