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Offer - quality

Offer - quality

Closed training in a form dedicated to the customer



Training on the new FMEA handbook requirements, involving analysis of the potential defects, their causes and results. Conducted in the form of workshops, the training is based on current guidelines developed together by AIAG and VDA.

Throughout the training, participants will become acquainted with the 7-step process for analysis and planning, centered around the concept known as the '5T.' They will gain proficiency in process mapping using the Process Flow Diagram as well as the Fault Tree Analysis (FTA).



Training on the ISO9001:2015 requirements will enable participants to understand the fundamental concepts of quality management and familiarize with specific normative requirements. Practical lectures, supplemented with numerous examples and workshops, will successfully prepare attendees for implementing or improving the Quality Management System within the organization.


Training aimed at conducting an independent risk analysis in accordance with the latest ISO9001:2015 norms as well as ISO31000:2018 guidelines. The lectures and workshops will cover the most popular identification and risk management models.


Training dedicated to organizations operating on the automotive industry market or seeking the opportunity to supply their products and services in the supply chain to car manufacturers. During the training, participants will be familiarized with the IATF16949:201requirements. They will also be introduced to sample tools that enable compliance with these requirements. This should facilitate implementation and improvement of the system within an organization in a conscious way.

Core Tools Basics

Training introducing the fundamentals of specific requirements for the automotive industry concerning the so-called Reference Manuals:

  • FMEA - risk analysis concerning product design and manufacturing process
  • MSA - analysis of measurement systems for their capability to reproduce and replicate the measurement results 
  • SPC - statistical analysis of the capacity and stability of production processes.
  • APQP along with the Control Plan - managing the design process in the 5-phase approach and discussing the requirements for preparing an effective Control Plan used during product manufacturing or service provision.
  • PPAP - the process of approving parts for serial production.
Internal Auditor of management systems implemented according to ISO9001:2015 and IATF16949:2016.

Training dedicated to current or future internal auditors in an organization, aiming to provide practical understanding of ISO19011:2018 audit principles. The lectures primarily focus on discussing ISO9001 requirements and the IATF16949 standard along with examples of nonconformities. During the workshops, working groups prepare for audits and then they define potential nonconformities based on the formulated case studies.

Manufacturing process audit according to VDA 6.3

Training aimed at explaining the procedures and methods used for auditing manufacturing processes according to the German VDA6.3 standard. The lectures cover the requirements criteria referred to in the VDA 6.3 manual.

Problem solving using methodologies such as The Eight Disciplines of Problem Solving (8D), The 5 Whys, The 5W2H Tool, The Ishikawa Diagram, The IS/IS-NOT Root Cause Analysis.

Training dedicated to all those who seek to acquire competencies enabling them to identify the root cause of a problem within the organization and implement effective actions to eliminate it. Throughout the training, we will practically use various tools to gather data, understand its significance, and ascertain the correct cause of the existing problem.


Consultations and implementations

related to quality management systems according to both ISO9001:2015 and the IATF16949:2016 standard.

The purpose of the service is to prepare organizations for implementing the required Quality Management System. I approach each customer individually, striving to "tailor" the system to suit the size and complexity of the processes executed within their organization.

Certification compliance with ISO9001:2015 and the specific IATF16949:2016 standard used in the automotive industry is a customer requirement. However, the primary objectives are to drive continuous improvement within the organization and to minimize potential problems and losses, resulting in tangible financial benefits.


First and second-party audits

At your request, I conduct ISO9001:2015, IATF16949:2016, and VDA6.3 audits, both within your organization as part of the internal audit program and at your suppliers’ - as client audits. If your audit team lacks a licensed IATF or VDA6.3 auditor, my services will be a perfect offer. I hold a VDA/QMC license, allowing me to perform IATF and VDA6.3 audits, and I prepare VDA audit reports using the authorized VDA 6.3 - Analysis Tool software, as required by many German customers.